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June 24, 2004

Victoriya Terminus (VT) Railway Station Bombay
(Click on the Image to enlarge it)


Blogger Vikas Prabhu said...

Simply spell-binding and truly breath-taking. Every snap is just so fabulously bewitching. This place is legendary stuff. Amidst all its crowd, confusion and chaos, it still possesses a mystic and charismatic aura about it. It certainly is a place to visit once in everybody's lifetime.
Mumbai is not just a place of beautiful people, but also of multi-cultered, subtly-complicated, deep-rootedly Indian lifestyles. After looking at these snaps, I guess it will be a while before my lower jaws comes back in place.
Very truly! Saare India ka shaan, Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan... :-)

12:23 PM  

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